torstai 27. marraskuuta 2008

Join the group SIP in Facebook!
And see the events
SIP (social improvisation/inner-city playground) will be the new facebook page.I didn't decide yet what the short version of sip means. Sip is at least a word in the Dutch language, which means something like; disappointed, glum, let down, disillusioned, crestfallen

SIP will get his own email account and login password, this information will be open for everyone who is a friend of SIP, in this way the page will be open for everyone so that there can add pictures, information about the happenings and use the friends database to send there event invitations.

For advertising to get a use scale of members I would make an event called, be a friend of SIP in facebook. This way everyone can send it forward to there own friends and everyone can search for SIP and add to their friend list.

I will open the page tonight ore tomorrow and add a link in the blog.

keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2008

I will open a new platform where I will make a new community based on city play.

Because There is nothing nicer than play around. Something what in my opinion is happening to less. Perhaps that was where my searching was about. Searching to the connection between the different feelings in a city. The city as a concept is a quite isolated place to be. You can be totally anonymous. You can move around without getting known. And that is most of the time the best part. But why always so stressful? Lets play. Just to do something else and have fun.

Last couples of days we all could see that there was snow! But where are the snowmen? And what happened with the snow angles? I sow perhaps a few. That was it. It should be so cool if next time the snow will fall and it is the good snow, the sticky one. Lots of people are going to build a snowman or perhaps even better a snow angles around the to inside sea lakes from Kallio and Töölö.
That the two “lakes” are totally surrounded by angels in the snow. Just for having fun and leave a mark of the fun we had and as well to be a bit social meet people who you otherwise perhaps never met.

Social happening

Did you sow the snow angles?
Where is the snowman?

Walking and wondering
Watching and absorbing
Surrounded by people totally alone

What is happening in our society?
Where is the playability from our free mind?

I want to organize happenings
In the longs of the city
Round the beautiful spot

Have fun
meet new people
and see what happens

we will hug the city longs to leave a massive mark behind
the next time that there will fall good snow..

tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2008

Walking is perhaps the slowest transporting you can have in a city. Everyone is in a hurry, if I am in delay and the rest is in over speed. The rhyme is disordered. Such a beautiful places, but somehow unheard, invisible overshadowed true sounds. Which doesn’t fit in the picture.
Urban Acupuncture

A strange term builds up out of two words that have a totally different meaning.

Urban which is latterly street culture. Nowadays the most know in the hip-hop scene borne in big cities. It has to be shiny, and fast.

Acupuncture has his roots from China. There medical science started many centuries ago, which we consider as “alternative”. It means that it is different from our own western culture.

If I think about acupuncture is has something to do with energies. Good and bad ones. It is a painful input with a nice and good output. It is a way of healing is a certain way of getting input trues a little injection exactly in the right spot.

It can be something to do with our society/communities from nowadays in the big city. It seems like a quite selfish community. There is always a hurry nobody chars about others; there is a big money way of thinking. We should put some injection in there. Enjoy the small things, less is more.