tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2008

Urban Acupuncture

A strange term builds up out of two words that have a totally different meaning.

Urban which is latterly street culture. Nowadays the most know in the hip-hop scene borne in big cities. It has to be shiny, and fast.

Acupuncture has his roots from China. There medical science started many centuries ago, which we consider as “alternative”. It means that it is different from our own western culture.

If I think about acupuncture is has something to do with energies. Good and bad ones. It is a painful input with a nice and good output. It is a way of healing is a certain way of getting input trues a little injection exactly in the right spot.

It can be something to do with our society/communities from nowadays in the big city. It seems like a quite selfish community. There is always a hurry nobody chars about others; there is a big money way of thinking. We should put some injection in there. Enjoy the small things, less is more.