keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2008

I will open a new platform where I will make a new community based on city play.

Because There is nothing nicer than play around. Something what in my opinion is happening to less. Perhaps that was where my searching was about. Searching to the connection between the different feelings in a city. The city as a concept is a quite isolated place to be. You can be totally anonymous. You can move around without getting known. And that is most of the time the best part. But why always so stressful? Lets play. Just to do something else and have fun.

Last couples of days we all could see that there was snow! But where are the snowmen? And what happened with the snow angles? I sow perhaps a few. That was it. It should be so cool if next time the snow will fall and it is the good snow, the sticky one. Lots of people are going to build a snowman or perhaps even better a snow angles around the to inside sea lakes from Kallio and Töölö.
That the two “lakes” are totally surrounded by angels in the snow. Just for having fun and leave a mark of the fun we had and as well to be a bit social meet people who you otherwise perhaps never met.

Social happening

Did you sow the snow angles?
Where is the snowman?

Walking and wondering
Watching and absorbing
Surrounded by people totally alone

What is happening in our society?
Where is the playability from our free mind?

I want to organize happenings
In the longs of the city
Round the beautiful spot

Have fun
meet new people
and see what happens

we will hug the city longs to leave a massive mark behind
the next time that there will fall good snow..

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