torstai 27. marraskuuta 2008

SIP (social improvisation/inner-city playground) will be the new facebook page.I didn't decide yet what the short version of sip means. Sip is at least a word in the Dutch language, which means something like; disappointed, glum, let down, disillusioned, crestfallen

SIP will get his own email account and login password, this information will be open for everyone who is a friend of SIP, in this way the page will be open for everyone so that there can add pictures, information about the happenings and use the friends database to send there event invitations.

For advertising to get a use scale of members I would make an event called, be a friend of SIP in facebook. This way everyone can send it forward to there own friends and everyone can search for SIP and add to their friend list.

I will open the page tonight ore tomorrow and add a link in the blog.

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